Dell 3008WFP 30" or Dell U2711 27"

Hey guys, you guys have been really great on helping me thus far decide on a monitor so cheers to that! I got one last option to think about before making my purchase. Both the Dell 3008WFP and Dell U2711 are availble for me for $700 and $600 respectively. The 3008WFP is 2 yrs old with a yr left on warranty (no dead pixels or anyting wrong, practically brand new) and the U2711 is brand new. I'm a graphic designer so I'm going to be heavily using CS4. The biggest difference is the real estate I'll be getting with the 3008WFP. I took a look at them side by side and the 30" is a beast compared to the 27". I think mainly because of the 16:10 vs 16:9 ratio. Anyways, what do you guys think? I'm really having a hard time deciding, maybe you guys can help me decide. I'm going to make the purchase tonight regardless so any immediate response would be most helpful. The price differential of $100 is pretty trivial. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would go for the 30" the extra pixels and size of the 16x10 is nice to have. Both seem to be great options though, so really it comes down to is the extra 3 inches and extra ~half million pixels worth the extra $100. If it was me, I would say Yes and get the 30".
  2. Yah, that's what I'm leaning toward. All that real estate on the 30" was making me I was extremely surprised at the size difference. The 30" makes the 27" look so wimpy. You wouldn't think its only a 3" difference.
  3. I noticed that when I looked at a 25" compared to my 23... the difference seems so massive lol!
  4. definitely the 30 inch, due to 3000:1 contrast.
  5. hows the response time on the 3008wfp since i'm gonna be doing some light gaming.
  6. doje1999 said:
    hows the response time on the 3008wfp since i'm gonna be doing some light gaming.

    i'm not too positive how the new dell 27'' is(although i do think it has a scaler built in) but 3008wfp has a built-in scaler which is known to have one of the worst input lags, thus creating horrendously high response time than what the spec claims it to be. some sensitive people say that it's enough to make difference in fps gaming.

    But i do agree with the rest of the majority here that 3008wfp for $700 is a steal and that the extra 3inch is worth it.

    If you are only going to use this monitor for computing purposes (and not connect it to other sources like video console and etc.) maybe you can also look into 3007wfp-hc if there are any good deals for it. it doesn't have any other inputs than dvi/vga(?), so doesn't have a built in scaler, which means no additional input lag from it. I believe the color saturations/quality is known to be superior from certain sources.

    You can googles these info by simply searching "3008wfp input lag", "3008wfp scaler input lag" and such if you want more details.

    good luck.
  7. Thanks for the reply...Yah from what I read, there are some lag issues. The only game I casually play is wow so I think it should be fine. Other than that, I'm gonna be doing a lot of graphics on it.
  8. I think there are different models or revisions. I swear the 3008 monitor is practically lag free.

    I was able to test the 3008WFP-HC against my LG W3000H which uses the exact same panel but without the scaler. The lag difference is minimal. I also threw in a Acer LED TN panel with 2ms in that test and response time is unnoticable between the 3 monitors. I was using tests.

    The U2711 does have a 10bit color controller so it can do up to 30bit deep color but not many things actually support that but the option is available.
  9. Hey Rofl, so which direction do you think is best. Is that 30bit deep color thing worth going to a smaller monitor, much smaller imo.
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    Most things like games, movies, and pictures should come in 24bit true color. However some professionals work in deep color and later convert to 24bit true color beacuse the difference is not that noticable to the human eye and because 24bit is the standard and reduces file size.

    So unless you work in an enviroment that requires 30bit deep color. I would go for the 3008WFP. The inches are hard to pass off. The extra pixels is nice to have as well.
  11. thanks rofl. you were the last piece of advice that sold me on the 3008wfp. gonna pick it up tonight. thanks to everyone that helped out with this decisions. toms is awesome!
  12. Where can I buy the 3008WFP for that?

    or even the 27" for that.
  13. I found people off craigslist that were selling them. Craigslist is a great source to find some bargains...
  14. just make sure you check it out and that there are no dead pixels, etc. before you hand over the cash ;-)
  15. absolutely.
  16. it still has a year left on the warranty. but it is a little fishy that he's selling it for only $700. Anyways its two years old so I'm assuming its the A01 version. I have no idea what the difference is between A01 and the new ones that are A03. Should this be a concern?
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  18. Can you link me to the monitor you don't buy?

    I might be interested in it.
  19. rescawen said:
    definitely the 30 inch, due to 3000:1 contrast.

    U2711 and 3008WFP have similar static contrast ratio (Tested on various reviews) of about 900:1
  20. I have the same dilemma now. 3008WFP is 2 years old product, so it is natural it is priced about the same as the newly outed U2711.

    But is newer the better?
    U2711 review from Anandtech is very promising. The input lag is quite good, and I do think it's better than 3008WFP.
    The thing I am worried about is, U2711 bloats great pre-factory calibration. 3008WFP is known to have imprecise colors and need hardware calibration
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