AMD Phenom 965 or AMD Phenom 955?

Which is better for gaming @ 4.0GHz? The 965 or 955?

Feel free to go in depth on why it's better...

Thanks in advance!
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  1. If you OC them to the same level they will perform absolutely identically. They are the same chip, just at different stock clock rates.
  2. If you are confident about your overclocking go 955.
  3. Quote:
    955 C3

    Like he said save yourself $10-20 for identical performance.
  4. Go with 955 C3. IMO the extra bump in clock speeds for 965 are for those people who want a higher clocked processor without overclocking the chip. Some might argue that the 965 had better chip than 955 but in the end, overclocking would still depend on your cooling solution, ambient temps, skill, patience, and of course, luck.
  5. Quote:
    They overclock the same

    This is not in evidence. They are the same chip, but they may be binned differently. That would mean, better average OC from the 965.
  6. Quote:
    My 955 C3 went to 4.2Ghz on water. Don't think a 965 would go much higher if any

    Thinking isn't knowing. My brother thinks the 9/11 attack were a big government plot. But thinking it doesn't make it true.

    It may well be they are all binned the same. If so, your right. If not, then the average 965 will overclock further than the average 955.
  7. Quote:
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  8. FALC0N said:
    OK!!!!!!!!! You go right on believing that! :o

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