Which HDD is The Best?

Hi everyone,

I am about to build a PC mainly for gaming and need some advice on these HDDs.

Which of these 3 Hard Drives are the best? (Reliability, Stability, Performance ect.)

1. $125 Western Digital Green 2TB WD20EARX

2. $129 Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM001

3. $139 Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 2TB

I am leaning towards the Hitachi Deskstar mainly because of the three year warranty, what do guys you think?

Thanks in Advance.
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    Me, NONE of them.
    Look at the negative feed back at newegg. 29%, 36% (OUCH), and 26% respectively.
    For EX, the Seagate you listed:
    Compare to 13% and 15% for the two options listed below.
    Currently these are the only two drives I buy. WD has some more expensive and reliable drives, such as the RE series, But ofCoarse, COST MORE.

    WD Black, 13% neg feedback:
    Sansung F3, 15% neg feed back, also most popular:

    Added: I noted in your other post you arfe in Australia. While You are not going to Buy from Newegg (USA), the are a good source for reviews.
  2. ^ Jack, He has two posts, one one which HDD, and One on which SSD. I think He is planning on getting an SSD for OS and the HDD for storage.

    Would agree on the Seagate Hybred drive (8 Gig internal SSD) as a Single drive option is an excellent choice, My freference is for a seperate SSD/HDD configuration.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys but as RetiredChief noticed, I am living in Australia and therefore unable to buy my gear of NewEgg. (Although I already use for them for reviews)

    I did a lot of research and PcCaseGear seams to be the best online pc shop in Ozzie.

    So these are the HDDs I am able to choose from -

    The only other source that I can get from America is Amazon but they only post selected items to Australia and postage can sometimes be expensive.
  4. So would this be the best available choice?

    I might just get the 1TB for now and upgrade in the future when its needed.

    $215 Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB WD2002FAEX (5 Year Warranty)

    Reviews are pretty good too..
  5. I'm doing HDD research right now too. I also am looking into RAID controller cards (e.g. Areca, Adaptec, LSI, etc.). Interesting thing: read the HDD compatibility sheets from some of these vendors, and they shed some light on overall vendor quality in terms of standards adherence, DOAs, and longevity. For my next set of drives, I'm going with the WDC WD2003FYYS (RE4 2 TB, not green), since they'll be in RAID arrays. If you're going AHCI / JBOD, the Cav Blacks are good indeed.

    I ran into problems with the Hitachis on a 3rd-party controller.
  6. knowlesy7 - Good choice (WD Black 1 TB )
  7. I have both the Samsung F3 and the WD Black. They're basically the same and both are good choices.
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