How to go about returning faulty memory?

Okay, so i just bought an enitre new system and sometimes while gaming i got BSOD's or the .exe stopped responding.. I took out one of the memory sticks and now it hasn't happened since. I'm ALMOST 100% sure, one 2GB stick works, and the other doesn't.
So how would i go about making sure it is the RAM and then returning it to Will I have to return both sticks for 2 new ones or just the faulty one? Thankyou :)
BTW its Corsair Value Select RAM
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  1. Most companies have an rma procedure. I believe corsair offers a lifetime warranty. If you want to be sure it's the one ram stick, run memtest with just the bad stick if it posts. I've had bad ram slots, but it's rare. You can request an rma from mwave or corsair. I don't know which will be faster.
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