Need help choosing p55 or x58 motherboard

I am trying to put together my first build for gaming. I'm leaning towards spending the extra money for an x58 chipset motherboard mainly because of its ability to support 2 PCI-e cards at x16. However, I do not want to spend the extra money buying an i7 processor if I go with the x58 - I would rather buy an i5-760. Should I even be worried about this difference between the x58 and p55 in the first place?

Do the x58 motherboards also support socket 1156? This one in particular?
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  1. X58 only supports LGA1366 so you should be looking at P55 boards for your CPU selection.
  2. X58 boards can't support your i5 because of its socket. The board that you look for must have the 1156 socket. So, P55 will be the right board for your i5.

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