Is this temp normal for 9800GT

System Specifications:
Mother Board: Intel DG31PR
Ram:Kingston DDR 2 2GB 667mhz
Processor:Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz 3mb L2 Cache
Graphic Card:XFX 9800GT 512MB Green Edition
Hard Drive: WD Caviar Blue-500GB-WD5000AAKS-16MB-7200 RPM
OS:Vista Ultimate Edition 64bit service pack-1&2, DirectX 11

Ok So I have recently bought 9800GT & I am using EVGA Precision to over clock it.
So I have one Large Fan Directly shooting Air over the TOP of my 3D Card & have maximized the the speed of the 3D cards fan from 35% to 50%.

The Idle temp is 43C-45C & load temp is 59C-62C but when I touch the card it is so hot that I can't put my fingers over it for 5 seconds.
1.Why it heats up in the presence of a built in fan & large secondary fan shooting air right over its top?
2.& is it good to run the card with these temps?
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  1. 1) the more graphic demanding software you run, the more electricity the card needs, which results in higher temperatures. 62c is very hot, hence its hard to touch.

    2) believe it or not, those temps are cool for a 9800GT. Some 9800GT will hit 80c+ on load.
  2. +1 ct1615- those temps are totally normal and actually pretty darn cool for a 9800GT. It is hot to the touch (43C is 109F and 62C is almost 144F.) So it will be hot to the touch, but they can actually get a bit over 100C before they are going to be really permanently damaged.
  3. O I see
    Actually some of my friends told me to overclock it but I was very curious about it's temps but if you are saying that it's normal then it's cool
  4. Yup- no worries:-) OC it and have fun.
  5. Ware on the card are you touching? If it towards the year you may have place you hand over the power stage and that is what you are feeling.
  6. I am not touching Heatsink or any capacitors.
    I touched the upper surface of the card which is made of Plastic at different spots
  7. its perfectly normal.
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