Real trouble with E8400 C2D cpu & Asus P5WDG2-WS Pro board overclock

Hi guys

I'm hoping for a bit of assistance here as I seem to be banging my head against the wall trying to get any sort of useful overclock on this combo, which I'm certain should be good for some pretty decent improvements!

First up, yes I know this LGA775 C2D setup is not exactly cutting edge but please bear with me. My main desktop is an i7 (2600K I think), and macbook is i5 etc. But this build I'm working on lives inside my home built arcade machine. Typically it doesn't need tons of CPU power, or at least didn't until I added a PS2 emulator to it then it all changed!

Originally it was running a pentium D 925 which did the job for MAME games. Then I upgraded it recently to the ASUS P5WDG2-WS Pro board, and an E6600 C2D CPU. Was a huge improvement!

Now I was able to easily that E6600 cpu from 2.4ghz to something like 3.6ghz (from memory - was a surprising amount anyway for me as a noob overclocker). This was great, but not quite enough for what I now needed.

So I figured upgrading to an E8400 cpu then clocking that would really get it going. I bought a used cpu for £35 a couple of weeks back, installed it, and despite spending absolutely ages experimenting with the BIOS settings I cannot get it to boot or often even post if I take it above 3.15ghz. It's pathetic and something must be badly wrong here.

The highest FSB I can hit before it starts going wrong is about 351 at 9x. The board won't allow more than 9x ratio.

I've tried disabling a lot of the usual CPU related settings in the bios, incrementing the voltage carefull up to the recommended max of 1.3625v, adjusting the RAM settings, allsorts basically, and it's getting me nowhere but really really fed up and disappointed.

The ram I'm using is 4x 1gb of OCZ PC2 8500 5-5-5-15 (OCZ2N1066SR2GK), which came in the board when I got it. I bought the board, the E6600, and the ram as a bundle from a guy I know, and it ran great. It's only when I've changed the CPU, started from default BIOS then began to clock the E8400 though that I'm having all these problems. :(

One thing I have to consider at this point I guess is this: Is it likely that the used E8400 that I bought is damaged and will run at base settings but not really above it due to being abused or having been overclocked to hell previously? I'm new to this, and have no idea if there's any way of knowing this or getting a better idea, or if there are other obvious things to consider/look at?

Really appreciate help with this if any of you can assist though. My 3 year boy has taken a shine to playing on the arcade machine and is getting a bit sad that I have to keep telling him that it's not working right now.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks indeed
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  1. BTW, I know this CPU should OC nicely to probably over 4ghz, and the board is a pretty solid one with a fair bit of settings and design aimed at this.

    The bios originally did not support the Wolfdale CPUs, but I got a newer ROM that had support added for it so all should be well in theory at least. :sarcastic:
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