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Wondering what the difference is in the 2 cards

Hello i have had a who sold me the 2 cards for 10 bucks so he could get rid of them and I was wondering what the performance was between the 2 like how good of a card are they for someone who does some mild gaming,

they are a XFX GeFORCE 7800 GTX and the
e-GeForce 8400 GS
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    The 7800 GTX is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better. The 8400 GS may be DirectX 10 capable but it's too weak to be good for much of anything.
  2. my brother has an 8400gs and can't even play the original halo at 20+ fps at medium lol.

    The 7800gtx is far and away the better card.
  3. thansk guys for your input I appreciate it
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