PC no longer booting Phenom 955

So, I purchased all the parts for a nice PC build just about a year ago. It is been having problems, so let me explain its long list of problems.
1. I build it with no problem, but rather than running at 3200 MHz, it is only running at 800.
2. I find a temporary fix by using AMD overdrive (regret that now) I initially used 1.25 mistakenly, instead of 1.35 Voltage. I fear that caused major damage.
3. At first that worked perfectly well and I was playing games at amazing FPS.
4. I wanted 3200 automatically, so I troubleshooted. Found out I needed a new Bios. Got the new Bios...
5. My computer was working flawlessly for the first time.
6. After about two months of perfect performance my computer would begin to freeze after longer periods of use(4-6 hours)
7. This quickly turned into freezing within 20 minutes.
8. Now, When I boot my computer the moment I open a file or program it freezes.
9. Interestingly, I am able to use the computer without ever freezing in safe mode, and safe mode with networkings.

I have tried many things to fix it.
1. I have tried to reinstall the OS-- But it freezes mid-installation.
2. I have moved the Ram around to different spots.
3. I have tried booting without my video card.

My setup is as follows.

AMD Phenom II 955--=4 core 3.2 GHz
XFX Radeon HD 4890
4 GBs of Patriot DDR3 1333 MHz Ram
Corsair PSU 750
64 bit system

Note: It is not an overheating issue--My temperatures are good. I am fairly certain it is not a virus of any sort.

So any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't afford to not have such a nice computer be useless. I have no more ideas of what to do. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Thought it might help...
    Here is my specific RAM. I have a gut feeling it is to blame
  2. Performing a memory test with a bootable CD such as memtest86 would be a good idea. If the memory fails at a specific location then maybe the memory is faulty if on the other hand the memory fails at random locations, then the power supply is likely to be the cause. If the memory test passes if run overnight then the hard disk is suspect. My money would be on a faulty power supply test by substitution.
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    According to manufacturer these chips require the voltage to be set at 1.7v to be stable. Since the default voltage the system sets for these is 1.5v I would suspect they have been begging for more power.
    Recommend you set voltage to 1.65v at least if not 1.7 and run from windows -
    - computer/ drive c: properties/ disktest (right click on drive c and select tools scan drive for errors.
    If successfull attempt reinstall of windows again, if these chips are underpowered you're likely to have some bad data and or files which need replacing.
    As these chips are only sold with XMP profiles your going to have to put the settings in manually on a AMD board. The chips may be fine, just install correctly and remove AOD untill system restablizes.
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