WD 1TB USB 3.0 is NOT recognized as USB 3.0?

I got an MSI 890GX motherboard, and a 2.5" WD 1TB USB 3.0 drive.

No matter what I've tried, I cannot get USB 3.0 speeds, like fastest I get, is around 20 MB/second transfer which is even lower than USB 2.0 speeds.

When I connect the drive, it says, if you connect to a USB 3.0 port it works faster, HOWEVER, it IS connected to a USB 3.0 BLUE port?!

I've upgraded the USB 3.0 driver from MSI website, and it does show up in the Device Manager as "Renesus USB 3.0 Host and Root".

What am I missing? How the heck to make my external HDD work at USB 3.0 speeds? I also used the supplied cable with thin connecter on one side.

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  1. Double-check the specs for your drive. It probably came with a USB 2.0 cable, not 3.0.

    When I bought my WD Home 1TB two years ago it did not come with a USB 3.0 cable, or Firewire cable, it just came with a USB 2.0 cable.
  2. Well, there's a big sticker on the cable saying it's USB 3.0, it has the USB 3.0 thin connector on the drive side (regular USB cables don't fit).

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