5770 Lite-Retail PCIe 2.1

Hi, found a 5770 Lite-Retail today, which are a lot cheap although they are missing some cables in this case (which cables generally? I haven't installed any GPU's in a long time so I don't remember which cables are usually in).

Also it says it is PCI-e 2.1 x16, the mobo I bought is afaik 2.0 (Asus M4A785D-M PRO), would it still fit?
Googled this but couldn't find any satisfactory answers, any thoughts on this?
Help greatly appreciated.
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  1. All PCI-e speeds are backwards and forwards compatible. The card will simply run at PCI-e 2.0 speed (difference is negligible). You don't really need any cables to come with it, if your power supply has the right 6-pin connector, and you don't want crossfire. Some come with y-shaped molex to 6-pin adapters, some come with crossfire bridges, some come with a vga adapter.
  2. Ah okay, thanks alot for the quick answer:).
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