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Hi, I recently bought a amd phenom 955 black edition from an online retailor and it was classed as "retail edition". However, I recieved it today and realised it really was merely an OEM model with no fan or box so I had to go to a shop and get a sub par cpu cooler (akasa 865). When I installed it and then started the pc up (first build btw!!) everything was fine luckily.

However my cpu gets to 55 degrees celcius and over in bios and I am sure this is not normal! I was wondering what a suitable cpu cooler would be for me; I plan on no over clocking of the cpu and I have a nzxt apollo case with the 2 standard fans. I want a fan that requires no backplate installation since I spent a very long time on cable management and I do not want to take out the motherboard again lol

I've read about the thermaltake v1 being easy to install and also the zalman 9700 can be used without a backplate but would it be safe?

I would appreciate it if you guys can tell me any good am3 cpu coolers that do not require a backplate and are not too big for my case.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I can't help you much, but I suggest you to check on google for good aftermarket coolers. What I usualy do when checking for parts is going on newegg.com, checking the best product seller of that category and take those with the best comments and check them on google. Like this you can learn and check yourself which is the best cooler for your needs.

    I also recommand you to come back on your decision of not overclocking as you'll anyway have to buy an aftermarket cooler. You have a black edition CPU which is made to be overclocked (unlocked multipliers). From what I've read, these black edition CPU are pretty easy to overclock and almost free risk as you can overclock it without touching to the voltage.
  2. The good coolers have backplates, partly because that makes their installation and removal far easier and allows for a heavier cooler than the mounting mechanism on the motherboard can support.

    Looking at frostytech, the thermaltake v1 you are looking at is only an average unit performance wise, but its significantly louded than most for that performance level. Rather than dealing with louder poor performing units, just suck it up and pull out the motherboard to install a unit with a backplate, you will get far better performance, something like the Coolermaster hyper 212+ is cheaper, and better in all respects except that it needs a backplate.
  3. I had the same problem that you are having with the stock 955 heatsink. I switched out to the stock fan for the Zalman 9900 and now my CPU idles at 29c-32c and with Prime95 running doesn't go above 46c-48c. This is with the CPU overclocked to 3.8Ghz and voltage set to 1.40v. I had the CPU at 3.41Ghz undervolted to 1.264v and it was running at a 26c-27c idle and 44-46c load with Prime95. This heatsink is awesome and the thermal compound that it comes with did a better job than the Arctic Silver 5 that I tried. Best part it you can install the heatsink without removing the motherboard.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I just ordered a scythe grand kama (cools quite well and does not require removal of motherboard). i was looking to buy a zalman 9900 but i werent sure if it mounted without removing the motherboard. Can't wait to install the cooler and get the pc running lol my last pc was an intel celeron 3ghz single core and onboard graphics and the new one has got a 5850 and a 955 processor lol it should be a huge step up.
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