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Hey guys,

So unfortunately, my HTPC is currently an older 3.0 gHz Pavilion a1025c w/ 1gig of ram. So far I haven't had an issue with it, but I really hate the way the VGA shows up on my big's off-center to the right and doesn't fit to scale; i've tried about everything to fix it and just can't get it. Even if you could fix it, unless I'm really missing something, this thing has absolutely no graphics card slot whatsoever. I'm stuck with onboard graphics, which won't cut it if I decide to start viewing HD movies like I'm planning. So, I ask you guys this. I've heard of external graphics cards, but I've mostly seen them for use in laptop applications. Would one of those work here? If so, how much would one for my needs cost, roughly? I really just want 1080p output with HDMI/DVI; that's not much to ask nowadays.

Anyway, thanks in advance.
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  1. A normal PCI card as one of these might be your solution if you have a free PCI slot.
  2. Any recommendations on the PCI card that really only has to handle video playback?
  3. This could be the best card of the lot but it is expensive. but at least it has HDMI port (the only one) There are others there that would work with an adapter but not all of them are HDCP ready.
  4. There's that one as well as the Geforce 9500. The 9500 does not have an hdmi port, but I technically don't need one as long as I have DVI anyway. Actually, I've never had a computer using hdmi-out actually work correctly on the display may just be my luck, but DVI seems to be more reliable in my experience. Any input on the 9500 vs the 4350?
  5. Here is a chart that tiers the cards by gaming performance,2569-6.html The 9500 cards should be good at HD encoding there where some minor issues with the 8xxx cards that got fixed with the 9xxx cards.
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