FX-6300 OC with stock HSF


Is it safe to overclock the AMD FX-6300 using the stock heatsink and fan? If so, what voltage and clock speed?
If it matters, I have the Zalman Z11 Plus case, so airflow is quite good.

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  1. I would not but my FX-6300 stock hs/f is still in the box so I can't honestly say for sure what it will handle for an o/c without overheating. I use a hyper 212 evo on mine.
    I had it up to 4.2 on stock voltage but with aftermarket cooling. It should run 4.7-4.8with the right board , ram and cooling.
    Mine topped out a 4.8 with a x24 multiplier at 1.428 voltage with aftermarket air cooling with 19c idle and 47c max temp.
    If you want it to be overclocked all the time def get an aftermarket cooler. I only pushed mine that far to run several different benchmarks. For everyday use it is set to stock defaults.
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