Gaming pc FAIL.

hi guys,wassup? i recently bought an expensive computer for gaming usage mostly but im having problems with some (mostly old) games.more specifically:

juiced....."juiced requires virtual memory to be enabled".i set the min and max MB to 6000 but it still doesnt run.vampire bloodlines......the subtitles appear as boxes like webdings font or something and after 1 minute the screen vomits pink,green,blue and purple colors (kinda like amiga 500 used to freak out) and its impossible to play.GTA 4.......i lower the resolution and graphic settings to minimum but its running so slowly like im using pentium II.need for speed underground 2.........the game "lags" like im using a million antivirus programs in the background.same problem with fallout 3 and 4.command and conquer generals/zero hour........the splash screen appears for like 20 seconds and then it disappears but without showing any critical errors or something.act of war.........after 10 seconds of playing,the computer freezes,then it shows a blue screen with white letters for half a second and then it reboots by itself.

i formatted my pc and installed windows xp but i had the same problems again.then i formatted the c: drive and installed windows 7 again.guess what.same problems.i have installed the latest nvidia drivers and did everything i could but without any results.the weird thing is that all games used to run perfectly in my laptop. (core duo,windows 7 32bit,4 GB RAM,etc)

desktop computer specs: asus motherboard,CPU i7 quadcore @ 2,80GHz,4GB RAM,700W Tagan power supply,GeForce GTX 285,windows 7 64bit.

any ideas? :cry:
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  1. Except GTA IV, others are all old and may (or mostly) require older video card drivers to run properly.. Max out the in game settings and try again.. This is a case of the hardware being way overkill for the software..
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