SDHC not read in Safe Mode

I have one AO netbook in Safe Mode with no trouble reading the SDHC card nor going into hibernation. But this brand new Gateway LT40 in Safe Mode does not read the card at all (nor accepts hibernation mode either). I think it may be a configuration issue and very simple to solve, and the same for hibernation, but the netbook is working so sluggishly that it would take me to find where is the difference between both netbooks with the same OS, W7 Starter. In Safe Mode 1G RAM navigation is acceptable. :pt1cable:
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  1. I was sent a driver update by the SDHC consortium site. I cannot yet install it. The MS site is having trouble downloading it. I have little hope it will solve the problem.

    This OS should be months in advance to the one installed in the previous AO, but the AO had NO TROUBLE in playing the SDHC card in SAFE MODE without any update changes. Including the hibernation issues. WINDOWS seems to be DEGRADING every new publication number. :o

    I d like help to use SDHC cards as additional RAM. Then I would use normal mode to update and research with better results than in Safe Mode. I may open a new thread to deal with this specific issue. :cry:
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