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Hello everyone. This is my first time on this column. I have a video camera with HDMI out and the XFX ATI 5850 video card. I was hoping to be able to connect to the card's HDMI port to transfer video from the camera to the computer but when I make the connection, nothing happens. Theoretically, I should be able to connect this way to transfer video. Any suggestions???
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  1. I believe the port on your GPU is an output port to a compatible HD device.
  2. HDMI ports are not meant for data transfers like that, HDMI ports carry data that is meant for a display device on the other end to convert and display on a screen, not to be converted back to a video format. You will need to use a USB, firewire, or esata cable to transfer the data. The HDMI output on your camera is meant to be plugged into a TV with an HDMI input.
  3. Thank you hunter 315. Is it then correct to say that HDMI is never used to transfer video from the camera to the computer? My computer does have a firewire port. Should I use a HDMI (video camera) to firewire (computer) connection . I have read both the video card manual and the video camera manual and it is unclear. Most likely as you say I will have to use a firewire to firewire conneciton.

    One last question, the video camera is a Cannon HV20 and it records in HD. What is the best way to transfer HD video from the camera to the computer?
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