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Hi everyone, thanks in advance for helping me. I have an old Dell Inspiron 6000 that i started to get alot of viruses etc on so i decided just to reformat and start over. Well after realizing i only had a windows xp disc and not the actual dell disc for reinstalling windows and waiting 2 weeks to finally recieve it i got windows xp finally booted. I do not have a driver disc nor did dell send one. After installing the recommended drivers including a broadcomm application, the computer will not connect to a wired internet connection. It connects to wireless connections, but when i check device managers all of the optional devices have a yellow question mark on them. I checked the bios and the internal nic is activated. The device says its an Intel pro wireless 2200 bg? not sure if thats the correct part for the nic card. the device is out of warranty so dell wont help me with anything.
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  1. I would go the the Dell support site and download & install the latest driver for your nic and see if that works.
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