The problem I am having is trying to connect a SATA 1TB hard drive to the system. My boot drive with operating system is an old 80 MB IDE. During bootup, the computer hangs at the point of looking for SATA drives. Name of drive comes up, but then no progress.

Is this the SATA controller(using 3112A SATAlink v 4.2 or is it the GA 7n400 Pro 2 motherboard bios? I tried to find an upgrade for the GA bios but cannot find an open site - Gigabyte website does not seem to support this board.

Please help!
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  1. The classic answer is "try the drive in another computer."
    This way you can determine whether there is a problem with the mobo (or cable!) or with the hard drive.
  2. Discutions for update of the Gigabyte bios:

    it helped me. noy i have a 1.5 tb wd green caviar inside and is working very good.
    good luck.
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