Switch 810 and the Corsair H110

Quick question. Can the Corsair H110(closed loop system) be mounted ontop of a Switch 810 with fans pulling from below? Because its a closed loop system, I didn't think you could do it with the pipes, but I figured I'd ask first. :)
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  1. Meaning outside? No unless you cut an access in the case to allow you to pass the bock/pump and tubing through into the case to mount. Simple answer seems to be 'no' unless someone knows of a special access mount for this case.
  2. I mean on-top of the case inside of the 'vent' system. I think you answered my question though.
  3. As long as it's inside the case or doesn't require you to disassemble the cooler, then you should be able to install it however you like.
  4. Haha, yeah I was just wondering if you would have to disassemble it to get it to work. I figures somebody must have tried to fit it there, or any 240 closed loop system there for that matter.
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    A lil late to the party but the answer is;
    if installing internally, then yes
    if mounting externally, then no

    Apart from lapping the unit, anything you do can pretty much void warranty. Removing even one screw from the pump chamber will void your warranty..
  6. Cool thanks!
  7. Thank you for the best solution vote - was going to say BS but it'd have meant something else :P :lol:
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