665 BE v.s I5 - 750

Hey guys, 3 years ago i built a myself a gaming computer based around a core2 duo E4300 and the P35 chipset. After running solid at 3Ghz for years, the old girl finally died out on me, and isn't stable at anything above it's stock 1.8Ghz :pfff:

Anyways this won't do at all, and so it's time for an upgrade! Here's my current build:

Core2 Duo E4300
ASUS P5Q Deluxe Mobo (P35 chipset)
4x 1Gb Patriot DDR2 800 RAM
Sapphire HD4870 512Mb
Corsair HX620 PSU
2x 320Gb Western Digital HDD's

Windows XP 32-bit

I game at 1680 x 1050, and will be reusing my case, PSU, HDD's, DVD drive, mouse, keyboard, monitor, ect.

I am in serious need of a new CPU, and am looking specifically at:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE

Intel i5-750

With these 2, i plan on buying a new motherboard and RAM, and am seriously considering getting another 4870 if i can find a cheap one. I have a copy of windows 7 64-bit already and plan to do a clean install when i upgrade.

How does a 4870 512 stack up today? Is it enough to game at my resolution going forward? If i decide to go xfire, would i be seriously hurting myself by not being able to do xfire at x16, x16 on the P55? What would you guys do?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. What tasks will you be performing with the system? If it's strictly gaming then the CPU really doesn't matter much. If you're going to be doing stuff like video editing or other resource heavy tasks then the Intel chip would be the way to go.

    The 965 is a waste of money since it's just a factory overclocked 955. They both have an unlimited multiplier so you might as well save a few bucks and use the 955 if you go the AMD route.
  2. The system is basically for gaming, with other typical light uses. So basically your saying that either CPU would be sufficient to not bottleneck a pair of xfired 4870's?
  3. Yes, either CPU is more than enough for crossfire 4870's.

    The 4870 512 will struggle a bit at your resolution, but crossfire 4870's will work just fine. Don't worry about the 8x crossfire speed. The difference is VERY small and won't even be noticeable with 4870's. If you post in the format in the "How to ask for new build advice" sticky we will be able to put together a nice build for you.
  4. The 4870 is still an excellent card particularly at a resolution < 1920 x 1200. It is only one tier behind the more current 5850. How satisfied were you before your cpu went south?

    The cpu is generally not that important for gaming, matching the graphics card to the monitor resolution is.
    Read the following article which compared the X4 965, i5-750, X3-721 and i3-530 with and without overclocking.
    Using a 5850 at 1920 x 1200. What is instructive is that there was almost NO difference in gaming performance.

    Plan accordingly.

    I would expect that crossfired 4870 would perform about like a 5870. And, running X8/X8 would not make a noticeable difference from X16/x16.
  5. Get the AMD 955BE as I did for one of my gaming systems and it overclocks fine, completely stable at 3.8 Ghz on stock voltage settings and runs cool 32 C idle, 54C full load.

    You'll need a better PSU if you will crossfire 2 4870s.

    Consider selling your 4870 and going with one 5850.
  6. IF it is strictly for gaming the 955 is a good cpu for gaming and other light tasks, but if you are a fan of intel over AMD for what ever reason the i5 750 is great for it as well but more expensive. If you want to be more future proff the 5850 or 5870 with dx 11 might not be a bad idea. also the cheap $70 AMD Athlon II X3 2.7ghz has had a lot of praise for being cheap and very gaming worthy.

  7. It is true there is basically no difference in gaming between the cpu's, but when encoding media or high end calculations the I5 750 is around 30% faster. For example, I can rip a dvd, encode the video and audio files and burn it to disk in 20 minutes flat. Try that with a Amd X4 965.

    1st System-Windows 7 / Ubuntu / I5-750@ 3.6 Ghz / MSI P55-GD85 / 4 GB Corsair 1600 Mhz / XFX Radeon 5850 / Silverstone Element 750 watt PSU / Cooler Master CM690 II advanced case with Hyper 212 plus / 1 TB Caviar Black

    2nd System- Windows XP / AMD xp 2600@ 2.2Ghz / Asus A7N8X / 1.5 gb Kingston PC3200 / 3-150 gb Maxtor IDE / MSI Video Capture Card / XFX 7600 GS /
  8. Sorry about the double post, Tom was hanging during the post.
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