Help! Can't install avg free or avast free antivirus??

Hi all :)

This is my first day using the site. Stumbled across this site doing an internet search. Thought I'd post my problem and see if some kind soul replies ;)

First I tried to install avast 7 (latest version) and got this error message which stopped me installing it: Setup Selfextract An error 0 (00000000) has occured. Last performed action was: spawning

Then I tried to install avast 6 but got the exact same error message as when installing avast 7.

I then tried to install avg but got this error message also stopping , from installing it: Extraction Failed File is corrupt.

I then suspected the reason it wouldn't let me install them is because I still have traces of them on my computer that are left behind. I've had both antiviruses before but uninstalled them but they left traces of stuff in thier folders in programm files and when I try to delete them I get the following error message: Error deleting file or folder. Cannot delete (name of file) :access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use. I've checked for those things and nothings wrong, the "read only" box in props was a sold green (not sure what that means) but I unchecked it, but it still wouldn't work. I've tried using a program called unlocker, which specalizes in letting you delete files that windows doesn't allow you to delete. I tried renaming the avast file in program files because I have traces but then I get this error when I run the installer: Unable to locate component. The application has failed to start because C:\Program Files\ AVAST Software\Avast\snxhk.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

It's exactly the same situation with avg:left over files, can't be deleted, can't install new versiom.

Can someone please help me? I have used many different registry cleaners over and over again but I've never managed to get rid of those files. Should I try to delete them manually in the registry (I do lnow how to use the registry-I always make a backup). Is there a better app to use than unlocker? Has anyone else been in my situation before? Is it a case that you can't install avast or avg again once you've uninstalled it? Anyone know how to fix it?

Very greatful for any help.

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  1. have you tried to work in Safe Mode?

    have you checked your computer for malware which could prevent you from installing your AV software.

    another antivirus program that is free is MSE.
  2. I think you should try deleting the files from your registery.
    I wonder why they're giving you so much problems.. Maybe you should try what I'm using, it's called Unthreat Antivirus and I had no problems downloading it..
  3. Try this, I think you have a virus! Note cancel quick scan and do full scan
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