Shortcuts and start menu items wontopen?? Advice greatly appriceated..

I don't know whats happened but when i double click on my desktop shortcuts nothing happens and when i open a start menu item... Nothing happens! But it only happens with the start menu items that are shortcuts, not the ones like search, help and support which have no target.

The only way i can get them to open is: right click, properties, copy and paste the target into run box... And that works fine! So why doesn't it work for opening desktop and start menu shortcuts? It recently happened after using quite a few speed up softwares, but it might not have been those.

Also the open menu has disappeared from my right click menus... Maybe that something has to do with it......... But how could it have happened???????????

Also when i opened system restore there were no dates on the calender... Just a blank space, yet i have set system restore to use 6% of hard disk. What's going on???????????

Very greatful for any help.

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  1. Hopefully some of these will be fixed by the suggestions I made in your other thread.
  2. Hopefully some of these will be fixed by the suggestions I made in your other thread.

    Hello Saga Lout, I tried your first regsitry fix and all it brought up was a notepad file (don't know if thats supposed to happen). I rebooted and the "control panel white window" problem is fixed! Don't know if it was that first registry fix or whether it just fixed itself (sometimes I'm lucky when problems go away by themselves) but it's fixed. Link to the thread with that control panel problem here:

    Unfortunately there is still the problem of the shortcuts and start menu items not opening when double or single clicked, I have to right click, click properties and copy and paste the target into the run box, then the program or folder will run fine.

    I tried your other 2 fixes and even re-tried the first fix doing what you said.. But now when I try them I get this error message: regsvr32 is not a valid win32 application.

    Very greatful for further help or any other users help.

    In the mean time I will try googling and trying stuff and see what works and what doesn't.

    BTW, I found this website which might have the answer to my shortcuts and start menu items problem:

    I have also done an online antivirus scan and it's removed quite a few threats:

    And I'm also about to do a windows defender antivirus scan to.

    I will also post the same update to this on my other thread:

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, this issue has been solved now!!! :D

    Thread closed.
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