Formatting 3TB External to Fat32

hi, need help in formatting a 3TB external drive to Fat32 .

its for external ps3 use , i tried looking up for hours and trying what some suggestion , but no success.

wanted it for full format of Fat32 , Appreciate all the help , Thanks

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  1. i got it , finally after 4 hours, i tried it and it really works !! , Thanks anyways
  2. As I know the snap-in disk management could not support formating partition from NTFS to FAT 32 when it is larger than 32 GB, if you want do that, you could use some partition software, such as Partition Assistant, GParted, and etc, btw, from your post it mentioned Acronis Disk Director, unquestionable, it is a powerful partition software, however, it need cost too much.
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