Issues between Samsung 206BW monitors, Asus EAH5870, and Windows 7


My main issue here is my samsung flat-panel monitors will not let me configure them. I cannot change the settings with the buttons on the monitor. For brightness, contrast and other settings it says "NOT AVAILABLE".

On my old XP machine I use to configure the monitors with Magic Tune. It is software that came with the monitor which allows me to adjust the settings from a GUI in windows.

Now I am using Windows 7 and I've tried to install a variety of different versions of magic tune. Pretty much tried them all and with all different compatibility settings. I can't seem to get it to work no matter what I try.

There are people on forums that have got MagicTune working with Windows 7. And there are just as many people that have had no luck.

I tried to install a program called Dtuner. It can't detect my monitors. This leads me to believe it is my video card that might be causing trouble.

So is there anyway I can have the control of my monitor settings back? Are there any other software programs you can recommend that can change my monitor's settings?

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  1. Does windows recognize your monitor properly or is it listed as a plug and play monitor?
  2. Have you installed drivers fpr your monitor?
  3. Its listed as the proper monitor in my device manager. However I will go update the driver.
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