No Signal from onboard HDMI

i bought motherboard from Gigabyte ..

it is GA-H55M-D2H

as you can see .. there are many onboard ports like (VGA - DVI - HDMI)

when i installed the processor & rams and power ... tried to power on the pc

and connect the HDMI cable with my "HD LCD"

but no signal comes on the screen ... with two fast beeps

i tried the onboard VGA port too ... but the same .. NO signal

i put external vga to see Bios setting .. but there are no mention to onboard graphics

i tried to update the bios via @BIOS software that comes with motherboard

but nothing ..

what i should do to use onboard HDMi or VGA
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  1. trash the mobo and get a real mobo and video card which supports native hdmi
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