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Hey guys, i just finished my building my computer a couple weeks ago, and this wireless $20 microsoft mouse i got for my laptop 2 years ago just sucks when i play games, and just in general. Can you guys make some recommendations on mice? Id like a nice gaming one with all the extra buttons and stuff, but id really like to keep it under $40ish maybe 50? I really would like it to be wired. What kinda stuff should i consider when buying one?
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  1. Maybe the best option in your price range is the Logitech MX 518 8 buttons and 1 wheel.
    The mouse software is also pretty good for building custom button profiles.
  2. Look for a refurbished Logitech G9. I got one for $50 an I love it.
  3. mx518 or g5 should both be fine and fit in your budget, tests have shown that the g5 actually have worse tracking than the mx518, but I prefer the feet much better, I've had my g5 for about 3 years and never had a problem.
  4. I love my G5 but a mouse is something you should ideally try before you buy!
  5. I own a MX-518 and a Razer DeathAdder both are very good.
    A word of advice buy a wired mouse for gaming.
    I agree with the above poster go to a store where you can put your hand on them.
  6. I too would recommend the Logitech MX 518.. That's the only component which has not found any need or reason to be upgraded from past 5 years.. The Razer DeathAdder is a comparative performer but it comes with a slightly higher price tag and unlike the 518, it does not feature the on the fly sensitivity change which is a very very useful feature (especially for FPS players).. Additionally, the 518 is a high quality build (like all logitech products are), is very comfortable and looks good also..
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys. I decided to go to best buy and try some out, and found the mx 518 there which was pretty nice, but they tried to sell it to me for $65?!?!?! But i found it on newegg for $36.
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