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I just received a motherboard, Asus Rampage II Extreme X58, and the DVD(software) was not with it. Will I be able to use all the information the software has, such as tweeks, overclocking, temp control, ect. that the DVD has in it? How/where can I find this information?
Another thing that concerns me is that the board is not completly flat.It has a noticable dip about 2/3 the way down the side of the board. It is a heavy board and the dip is where some of the larger parts are.
I am by no means a noligable computer person. I have built 2 systems in the past. This mobo is just an upgrade in my current system. I am adding a i7 950 and ps3 memory with the board

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  1. You should be able to download everything you need from here
  2. You might want to d/l those on a USB key from a working PC before building the PC. Sometimes the onboard LAN will not work with the drivers that comes with the OS and without LAN you won't be able to fetch them from the web. Been there, done that :P
  3. Thanks for the replies guys,I do not have a USB key, but do have a external hard drive that I'm thinking I will be able to use. Will that work Zenthar?

    So the dip on the board should not be much of a problem.?.
  4. Not sure I understand the dip thing, could you post a photo?
  5. I will see if I can use a camera tomorrow.
    The board warps down on the side nearest the CPU Socket.It comes kinda close to touching the flat surface it is sitting on. This causes the left and right ends of that side to boe-up to almost 1/2"...

    How do I add a picture on this?
  6. OK I took a picture of the board but I do not know how to add it to the post. Can anybody help me with this?
  7. Normally people just upload them to public sites like imageshack and then post either the link of the image directly using the approprioate BBCode tags.
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