Lucid's Hydra's making progress

Let's introduce something we can all appreciate in the midst of the rampant biased brand bashing and other divisive activities we generally partake in around here.

When last I looked, Lucid tried to combine ATI and Nvidia cards on the same motherboard and wound up with performance worse than either card by themselves. It seems some progress has been made in the couple months since then. They're up over a 30% boost now, combining a 5770 with a GTX260:

Does Lucid have public stock? I want some.
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  1. they should have included the speed for 2 x GTX260 and 2 x 5770 to really show the scaling difference
  2. The best part is that they were running an Eyefinity setup. So you could - eventually, in theory and for example - use a weak Radeon card just to output to multi-monitor displays, and have most of the work done by a couple GTX 480s or what have you. Sort of like how people can score a GT 220 just for PhysX and have a 5970 handle everything else now.
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