Funny Core Temp Readings

I have a q9450 on an evga 780i sli mobo. I have used multiple temperature reading programs (Everest, speedfan, real temp) and at idle I am getting temps about like this. This is with all the cpu voltage, clock cycle, and multiplyer down throttling turned on and no OC. Before with those were disabled and with a 3.4 OC at idle all temps were maybe 2-3 C higher.

CPU-29 C
Core 1-50 C
Core 2-39 C
Core 3-30 C
Core 4-33 C

My bios only reports the CPU temp and gives a reading very close to what all 3 programs give me which is about 30 C.

Are these temperatures accurate? I am concerned for core 1 and 2. Currently I took all my OC off but only to very minimal, 1-2 C temp drop. I am getting new (arctic silver 5) thermal paste later this week to replace the old paste that could be causing it but I just don't know with such a radical temperature spread.

Any ideas on whats causing this or if these numbers are correct?

BTW Antec 900 Case and Zalman CPU cooler so airflow is good or great.

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  1. Those temps are OK.The core temperatures vary depending on the load on them.But your CPU temperature is FINE.There is no reason to panic.
  2. Does Core 1 vary much under light loads? If it just stays at 50C then it has simply bottomed out and doesn't reflect the actual temperature (which would be lower).
  3. I put the TJ max down to 95 because I read that is a more accurate value for the q9450. So all above temps in my first post would be -5 C

    I turned off all the energy save functions and clocked to 3.4 GHz and applied new thermal paste and at idle I am getting.

    Core 1-45
    Core 2-34
    Core 3-27
    Core 4-27

    and with ten minutes of prime 95

    Core 1-60
    Core 2-50
    Core 3-45
    Core 4-45

    It's just odd that the one core is still so high. I wish I could figure out why. I wonder if the heat sink is a little warped and doesn't touch over core 1 very well.

    It isn't even the weak core when overclock. core 2 is always the first one to give out.

    Any ideas? Should I just not worry about these temps
  4. I just found this,news-29460.html.

    So i set my TJmax back to 100 and that article mentions that the sensors on the chips simply cannot detect temps below 50 accuratley and that there is a large range on the low readings of what it could actually be. I guess that I am just not going to worry about those temps because at load my max with my OC is 65 C which is fine right?
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