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Currently, I only have 2Gb of memory. I'm not sure why I only ordered 2Gb 8 months ago, but I did. I run 64 bit Ubuntu and Win7, so I'm looking to upgrade to at least 8Gb, on an AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition Heka 2.8GHz.

The memory in my computer right now is Corsair XMS 10666 memory. I want to add 8Gb, and the price difference between the differing latencies is only about $35. So the question is, do I simply add more of what I have for a total of 10Gb, add lower lateny memory for a mix, or replace what I have with just 8Gb of lower latency?

These are the 2 I am thinking of deciding between:
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  1. Better get the same make and model to avoid incompatibility. Check your motherboard's manual about ram because it is highly recommended to get the same
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