Core i7 vs core 2 quad

i am the user of 3dmax and revit architecture, photoshop
please tell me which is the best configuration also tell me the difference core i7 vs core 2 quad and which is sutible for above said applications
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  1. Both C2Q and Core i7 are very suitable to the applications you listed.
    Here is a benchmark comparisons between C2Q 9450 2.66Ghz and Core i7 920 2.66Ghz CPUs.
    Includes Photoshop and 3dsmax benchmarks.
  2. And Turbo Boost too.
  3. The i7 architecture has an advantage over the core 2 processors at the same clock speed. You can see varying improvements in the various benchmarks linked, overall there is around 15% improvement.

    The i7 has hyperthreading which will give an improvement in apps that make use of multiple cores. Photoshop will, but Revit doesn't use multiple cores for most of its functions.

    The i7 also has turbo boost which gives an additional boost in performance for apps that don't use all 4 cores.

    The i7 will overclock significantly more than the core2 will.

    The i7 is the latest from Intel, which puts you 2 years or more down the development path, meaning 2 or more years before it is obsolete.

    My CAD computer at work has a dual core core2 processor, but we have 3 new machines that I built with i5-750 processors, similar in many ways to the i7 except without hyperthreading.
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