How to access data on old RAID0 arrayed drives

Hi Folks,

Want to find out if, without the original RAID driver, can data on a pair of RAID0 arrayed drives be accessed?

Thanks, Kaedex
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  1. If you don't have the old raid controller on which you created the RAID0 array, this is near impossible on your own.

    There are companies out there that can attempt to do this for you, but a RAID0 data recovery is one of the most expensive ($$$) data recovery procedures and will cost you some money.
  2. Please try what alt-rtt suggests and let us know the result.
  3. thanks guys! will give all these a go!
  4. Best answer selected by kaedex.
  5. Did it work? Which software package?
  6. no, I haven't tried. The data in my old drives aren't even important. now I know that there is no easy access to gain those data back. I'd rather just park the issue, reformat the drives and use them as extra storage.

    so, no result on whether the solution works. but it is already a "solution" of my situation.

    thanks guys!
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