Difference between Dell 3008WFP A00 vs A03

Thanks for all your help, I've decided to pick up the Dell 3008WFP after the help from a prior thread. If anyone is familiar with this monitor, should I be concerned that I'm getting an A00. Thats what I'm assuming since the owner has had it for two years. I know the newer ones are A03 and they look different even cosmetically. Don't want to sell myself short and find out there are lots of issues with the first version. Anyways, thanks again for all the help.
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  1. Not sure Dell doesn't explixitely say what model their model is. Look at the back of your monitor does it support DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA, and composite iputs? Here's the complete specs, let me ask isn't 30' a little exorbant?
    or not
  2. Hey doje1999, i have a questino about your dell 3008wfp. I understand that the monitor has a built in scaler so that other input sources can be used on the monitor. But as you know (or maybe not) the scalers produce input lag as they have to process the image before projecting an image. But is this the case if you are using the monitor with a desktop pc? If you are using your desktop would it STILL use the scaler that's built in to 3008wfp and produce a noticeable lag?
  3. I have no noticeable lag and I am using the Display port for my desktop and VGA for the laptop.
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