GPU performance for folding@home

I've been looking around and trying to find a comprehensive list of folding performance for various GPUs as it stands today with current drivers, but have been unable to do so. So I decided to try and get as many people here as I can to post their folding@home performance results.

Basically post your GPU, the iterations per second you get (since it depends on the work unit too, pay attention for a few days and post a range) with the display window and animations open aswell as the average points per day.

I'm kind of new to this, so any suggestions as to how to better rate the performance of GPUs is more than welcome.

I have a radeon 3870 and get between 130-300 itererations/sec. I'm unsure how to measure my points per day though.

If this thread is successful, I hope to make another thread that will have a comprehensive list based on performance.
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  1. Don't feel like leaving my power hungry PC on all day to support this, I have a PNY 9400GT but it would support their GPU2 package through CUDA.
  2. 4870 1GB gets ~400-550 iter/s

    depends on the WU
  3. on my 5850 with my current work unit sitting at about 1150 iter / sec, GPU oc'd to 900/1050

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