Sata to usb cable wont fix my laptop harddrive

Hello, i bought a sata to usb cable off ebay and it arrived this morning but it doesnt fit so what do i do now :(?
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  1. I suspect you got yourself a SATA to USB, but your drive is IDE?

    You can:

    Try to return it
    try to sell it
    Give it away
    Put it aside and forget about it

    Then get over it and ask for expert opinion before buying a new cable.

    In fact, come and ask for expert opinion before any computer hardware purchase in the future. It's a good practice that will save you money.

    You don't have to thank me after you buy exactly what you need for a very reasonable price. Your welcome!
  2. the cable does both sata and ide and both dont fit, are there any other types?
  3. There's also SAS. But now it sounds like there is something wrong with the cable. Can you upload both the HDD and the cable?
  4. It looks like your laptop drive has a proprietary connection on the back of it, you should be able to take those two screw out and remove that piece. It should then fit on the sata side of that connector.

    In that image the piece with the gold wires that is screwed in on both sides. It should not take any force at all to remove so be very careful with it.
  5. sorry for being a noooob but which screws?
  6. Remove the adapter which is still attached on the HDD. Scroll down the page of the link I provide and you will see.
  7. Actually in looking closer at the drive, it looks like there is a casing around the entire drive which will need to come off, and is probably holding the part on the back in place. The sort of metal cradle the drive is sitting in is the part i'm talking about. Compare your drive to this one, and notice how your's has the extra casing around it.

    Alright 3rd take, it does look like the piece mentioned above, and the cradle part, but you may not need to remove the cradle to get the adapter to fit.
  8. Yes, the caddy must also come off first. The adapter is screwed to the caddy.

    I think we should really go into detail (I was hoping I can skip on that). Seems like Batman you don't really know much about computer.

    If you don't see the HDD pcb (the circuit board, like the HDD in the link I provided), you haven't unscrew what you should have unscrewed.

    After you remove the caddy, the adapter should come off if you pull it. There is no screw holding the adapter to the HDD. Just the caddy and the adapter.
  9. i dont know much about computers thats why i came here, that connector justs puled out no screws, the ide connection was behind it, thanks for all the help guys
  10. No problem.
  11. okay so im back :( connected everything up it woeked fine but now i cant find any of my old pictures/videos etc on my old hard drive, does anybody know where i can find these?
  12. So I assume the HDD is recognised and you can access the HDD.

    Is the HDD blank?
  13. Hey Pyree,

    I'm new here but thought I could shed some light on this USB cable of yours. This only provides the data cable for your HDD, but does not provide power also. What you would need to do is find a Desktop computer with a SATA power cable, (most modern computers have them) Connect the hard drive up to the SATA power cable (WITH THE POWER OFF!) then plug your usb in, connect a SATA cable upto the usb adapter then put it in the hard drive.

    This should now hopefully read your hard drive. (if you need the usb......) if not skip this part.


    Onto the next problem... If the hard drive is showing as blank or not showing data, you may wish to consider running the CHKDSK function by going to run (Start button and press the R key) - type 'cmd' without the quotes.

    Now the black windows is up type this: 'chkdsk /f /r C:' - or which ever your hard drive is at the moment... F: for example.

    Restart, then let it do its thing,

    If that don't work... then I'd try going into My Computer, finding your drive (right click) then Properties, then click tools tab at the top, and you should see 'Error-checking' - so click 'Check Now...'

    Tick the following::: 'Automatically fix file system errors' and 'Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors'

    Hope this fixes your problem, if not you'll need to download some data recovery software ;)

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