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Hello there,

i have a seagate 1 tb hdd in my system. The hdd is c: and without any partition. Now I got a Samsung ssd 830 and I want to install windows 7 ultimate 64bit completely new on the ssd. So there will be no moving. I just want to have win new on the ssd. How much will windows7 ultimate need on the ssd. Should or can i make to partiotions on the ssd, one for the os and one for games and a few programms or should i leave it as one partition?
Once I backuped all my data from the regular hdd, do I have to format it then and afterwards just put back my files and data? What would be the best way to format the reg hdd?
Pls help me out here, so many threads and opinions and nothing really matched my situation.
Many thanks in advance for you help and ideas!
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  1. I beleive ultimate uses around 20 gig. Only use one partition on the SSD for the OS and programs. Leave the data on the hard drive. You don't need to backup your hard drive unless you think it's necessary. Just make the SSD the boot drive and the hard drive a secondary. When you are comfortable with the SSD setup, just delete the windows folder and the program files folder on the hard drive to free up space on that drive.
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