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I was thinking about adding some cooling to my hard drives. I have 4 120 mm and 1 140 mm case fan. what are some factors i need to consider when selecting a cooling options, what have you used and loved or hated. will it make any difference, or am i wasting my money. the perfect cooler for me would fit both standard and ssd hard drives be quiet and be red or black or both. any suggestions? :o
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  1. Are your drives running that hot? SSDs run cool. Most consumer-level HDDs do as well.

    Do you have some Raptors you haven't listed in your signature? Or are you running some SCSI drives off a PCI or PCIe controller?
  2. i dont think they are running hot. i just want to be sure. no raptors.
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    I think you'd be wasting your money with this then. You won't run into any heat issues with the drives considering you're using a storm scout with good ventilation and a front fan intaking air across the drive bays.
  4. I would not give it anymore thought. Your case, Cooler Master Storm Scout, blows air right over the hard drive cage. Your not going to get the drives much cooler and if you don't have a heat issue there is no point in this exercise.
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