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So i've been searching all over the place but I can't find what I need. Maybe i'm not using the keywords correctly or what not but here's what's going on.

I have a DVI-I (dual-link) to (1) VGA | (1) DVI-D splitter cable. I also am running a GTX 275 in my computer, now what I would like to do is plug a VGA monitor and a DVI monitor into my splitter and have two independent screens. But when I plug them both in the one that I plugged in first is the only display that comes on.

I know that the displays work, and I know the outputs on the card are working, what I don't know is why both signals aren't being utilized. Why would they make this cable unless you could use both connections at the same time?

I know that these splitter cables can be used in this fashion as i've seen computers at work running them with dual setups, onboard video even!

So any help or insight into this matter would be appreciated.

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  1. Not sure of your problem either. Spliter cables are used to split one picture amongst two displays, such as one for monitor and one probably for a projector. Doesn't your grapgics card have more than one output port? Most graphics card come with a DVI-VGA adapater so you could plug both into graphics card and set them to cdisplay the same desktop or dual screens. DVI-D uses the same plug as DVI-I and would fit in that port. It's just that DVI includes a cross shape pin on one side dedicated solely to carry a VGA's analog signal as DVI is digital.
  2. Right I realize that. But I bought my GTX 275 in hopes that I could run 3-4 monitors on it. But now it seems that I can only run the two DVI ports with one monitor on each. But my problem is that at work, I can plug this same cable into a computer with on board graphics (one DVI-I) and it can run both the VGA and the DVI at the same time. So i'm confused as to why it won't work on mine.
  3. The GTX 275 isn't running more than 2 displays.
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    You work computers might be plugged into cards that support multiple displays, like a FirePro or a Tesla card. Consumer cards only recently began supporting more than two monitors, ATI's new 5000 series can support 3 displays at once. ATI is runored to release a 5870 Eyefinity editionthat's supposed to be expensive but support 6 displays using mini-Displayport.
  5. Ok. Yeah. Thanks mister g. That was it, Nvidia tech support really sucks. Is there a sure fire way that I can just talk to an engineer?
  6. Not sure what you mean by that, an Nvidia engineer on the phone? Otherwise there are Tesla cards available to buy or at some retail stores such as Fry's or MicroCenter.
  7. I think I meant Quadro, my bad.
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