Looking for new motherboard/processor upgrade!

So my computer is a fair bit old, the mobo/processor atleast. It seems fairly difficult to find a good upgradeable processor that is compatible with my current mobo, so I'm considering just buying a new mobo/processor. Any suggestions? I'm looking to spend no more than 200 or so, any possible mobo/processor bundle packages for a good deal around this spending limit?

My current processor is a AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor 4050e, so nearly anything would be an upgrade I'm assuming as it's pretty old.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. how about an x4? are you there any quad cores compatible with that mobo for an affordable price? or is there not much need to upgrade to an x4
  2. Thanks a bunch! I'll look into the quad core/mobo =]. Also, my primarily use is for some gaming, nothing too hard core, my current setup runs everything decent enough, just looking to upgrade a bit for better performance. I'm sure this would serve me just fine right? Especially in comparison to my current mobo/processor.
  3. What video card are you using for gaming?


    I would just go ahead and get 4gb of DDR3 and sell your DDR2. DDR2 is actually more expensive than DDR3 now. I've seen 4gb DDR3 for as low as $30 after rebate in the last few days.
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