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I have an AMD Fx-4100 coupled with an ati 6970 lightning edition with the CPU OC'd to 4.2ghz and the gfx card running at slightly higher than stock settings. I have noticed what I assume to be microstuttering in the past, whilst playing BF3. I've just gained access to the arma 3 alpha and am having real problems getting a reasonable frame rate. Im running about ~20fps at the moment. What puzzles me is that on both BF3 and ARMA3, when I press auto-detect for graphics it sets everything to maximum, yet the game seems unplayable. It seems to me that the GFX card can handle the higher end graphics settings but something else cant. Am I getting CPU bottleneck, and would upgrading to an Fx-8350 solve this?
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  1. unfortunately your CPU could be a bottoleneck for the 6970 if you game on below 1080p Though the games you mentioned are both CPU and GPU demanding, beside games like arma 3 alpha has issues / game code problem even the latest pc hardware will see frame drops. If you turn down to medium settings and still your frame rates dont go any high its definately a bottolenck to me. Upgrading the CPU should help in that case. Also having 6gb or more ram is handy along with 64 bit windows for gaming. heres a chart that shows your present cpu in comparison http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_lookup.php?cpu=AMD+FX-4100+Quad-Core Hope this helps
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