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Hey guys, modding my intel core 2 quad/ati radeon 4890/4gb ddr2/750w corsair/500gb western digital 7200rpm system.

I just puchased a AMD phenom x4 II 965/ASUS m479UTD EVO/ and 4gb DDR3 1600 and Coolermaster RC690 case.

When installing these parts on top of my desktop, is a anti-static wrist strap connect to my pc chassis and me enough to prevent ESD?

Please let me know, thanks
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  1. Yes its enough to prevent ESD, but if you can find better grounding such as an exposed pipe etc.. you'll feel a lot safer
  2. That is enough, but remember not to walk around in socks on the carpet.

    You have no idea the amount of times I see people play it safe, but they are in socks on the carpet.
  3. Hmm ouch, I think thats what I usually wear. I think I am going to buy a anti static mat too just in case. I wanna get this build right, its my first time :)
  4. good for you good luck mate!!!
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