Black Screen after Playing Games

Hi all,

I have built my own PC - i'm not expert - by putting good components together, so i can play games. unfortunately, when I start the game and play for few seconds or a minute it crashes to black screen???

I have tried to upgrade the motherboard & V.card drivers, but that didn't help

This is my PC info,,,,,, Please help

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  1. Does it crash on every game you play or on a paticular game? Since its a new system you may have a defective vid card. From what manufacturer is it?
  2. It is on every game with activity i play, e.g: Crysis, Flight Simulator X, Mini Ninga, Assassin's creed...

    This is not new PC, it completed a year now.

    The video car is nVidia GeForce 8800 GT

    Thanks for your help
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