Can cpu work without fan

can it work only with thermal paste
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  1. No, i strongly advise you use your pc with a cooling fan.
    Where do you live?
    Retailers like Tigerdirect sell oem heatsinks for $9-12.
    You will soon have no cpu if you run without a fan.
  2. Some ultra low power CPUs like the intel Atom can run with passive cooling but not any standard processors.
  3. Sorry forgot to say they still need a heat sink I don't think thermal paste will help without one.
  4. Don't do it get heat sink and fan
  5. While you can run the cpu just on the heat sink and thermal compound, it just not recommend. You will hit the the cpu max temp very easily and kill it if you run it without the fan for to long.
  6. The CPU will fry. Even a stock cooler is better than nothing if you think you or any of your friends may have one laying around.
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