Psu help!

Which psu is better for my setup

amd phenom 955
corsair 6gb ddr3 @ 1600
asus hd 5970

Psu 1:

OCZ GameXStream 850W

4x 12v rails @ 20A ea, 2x 6+2pin pci and 2x 6pin pci.

Psu 2:
cooler master gx 750w

single 12v rail @ 60A, 4x 6+2pin pci.

Which 1 of two will be better?
thanks in advance
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  1. Any other choices ?
  2. if the psu is under £90/$140 delivered to my door in uk :)
  3. Check on the Antec EA750.
    I'm in the States, so searching is up to you unless you provide a link to where you intend to purchase
  4. by looking at ur links i can see psu 2 is as powerfull as crosair hx 750w and its only £73 compared to £118.

    coolermaster gx : 60a 12v+Single rail 750w psu £73
    crosair 750whx: 62a 12v+Single rail 750w £118

    so shell i get the cooler master?
  5. There's no cooler master in my links. Stay away from cooler master.
  6. why stay away from coolmaster? it has some decent reviews.
  7. Did you find a good independent review of the CM 650GX? Those customer reviews ('it works good for me') don't always give you a good indication just how good a PSU it really is.
  8. Customer reviews are of extremely limited value. Look for a competent technical review (e.g. jonnyguru, hardwaresecrets) that includes load testing and waveform analysis under realistic operating conditions. Some Coolermaster PSUs are garbage, a few of the newer ones are good. All Antec (except <500W Basiq), all Corsair, and all Seasonic are good. Unless you're planning to Crossfire, then as mosox said 650W is enough.
  9. psu is the only part which i dont have deep understanding about, i dont get whats the difference between quad 12v rails compared to single powerfull rail. i DONT KNOW which 1 is better and provides higher power for sli or single card.

    can any 1 explain should i get a quad rail psu or single and if so why?. and secondly which 1 will provide more then enough power for my setup. 1 last thing... whats the difference between the two i mentioned above^ ?

    coolermaster gx : 60a 12v+Single rail 750w psu £73
    crosair 750whx: 62a 12v+Single rail 750w £118

    why is crosair better then coolmaster when they both are nearly identicle specs.
  10. Corsair HX750W Power Supply Review @ HardwareSecrets This is a good example of an independent test and review. This site has a good reputation for 'getting it right' about PSU quality and capabilities.

    Without a similar type test and review of the CM 650GX you don't know if you're getting what you pay for or not.
    Here is a different CM PSU review Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600 W Power Supply Review
  11. Cooler Master GX 750 W Power Supply Review only got an 'OK' review. This is probably a very similar PSU to the CM 650GX.

    Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600 W Power Supply Review This version of CM PSU get a much better review.
  12. just read the review, thanks you

    1 last think for sinlge card and multi card config
    is a single powerfull 12v rail better then quad 12vrail at lower Amps?

    or shell i say whats the difference between the 2 for multi gpu /single gpu
  13. That mobo doesn't support CF.
  14. yes i know, but i want to know whats the difference between quad 12v rails and single 12v rails. and does it have any effect on multi gpus?
  15. helloshayan said:
    or shell i say whats the difference between the 2 for multi gpu /single gpu
    It's not an indication of quality. Everything else being equal there isn't any reason to choose a single rail over multi-rail PSU.
  16. ty, understanding of psu has increased slightly:]

    wr2 whats ur psu (750w) recomendation for my setup?
    which is under £90/$140

    what do u think about this 1:
    ocz gamer extremes 850w
  17. A multi-rail PSU can be safer. There's marketing in it too, of course, but read the vendor voice thingy from Antec on Tom's main page. That explains it pretty well.
  18. I could not find any review of the OCZ GameXStream 850Watts which is a little unusual.
    Given the the price of the Corsair 850TX is only £24 more and it comes with a 5yr (vs 3yr for OCZ) warranty I think it might be a smart move going with Corsair.
    Corsair TX850 Power Supply review @ JonnyGuru
  19. I would also choose Corsair over OCZ.
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