Radeon 4850 Xfire or Upgrade to Radeon 5770?

My PC is around 4 years old. Stone age by comparison for some; still stuck in Athlon64 + 4GB memory with 19" LCD. The most recent upgrade was changing my old gfx card to Radeon 4850 512MB which has suffice me until now.

I intend to build a new HTPC to be used with my 40" LCD. Probably a i7 + 6GB memory. It will be mainly used for gaming, movies and occasional browsing etc. The current games I play are Dragon Age, MW2, Bioshock2, etc. My current system still play them fine, albeit with occasional jerks, lowering of resolution and disabling AA. I did play MW2 at 1080 quite ok, with some irritating moments.

My only consideration is that I would be playing at resolution of 1920x1080. 5770 makes it tempting such that it has HD connection and also supports HD sound. I am mainly worried at the overall gaming performance and fps.

I am a little confused about my graphic card choices.

1. Re-use my current 4850 512MB? (Would my upgrade of CPU and others boost it up?)

2. Get another 4850 512MB for Crossfire

3. Keep old 4850 for my current PC, and get a new 5770 for HTPC.

4. Or painfully stretch the budget for 5770 Xfire (avoidable if necessary)

I was reading up the SMB. Xfire 4850 1GB or Xfire 5770 esp overclock really boosts the figures a lot!

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. i would choose one of the following

    1) get a second 4850 to CF
    2) buy a 5850 and sell the current 4850 to recoup some cost
  2. Well if you want the best performance, go for 5770 xfire. 2 5770 > 5850. but two 4850 1gb will be more than enough for those games you mentioned. It's a hard decision. I would save money, keep that 4850 for ur old pc and buy a single 5870 for the gaming one.
  3. Yeah it is a hard decision. I am trying to find the "best for value" money considering I know I'd probably be changing my gfx card 1+ year down the road.

    5870 at around $420 seems pricey compared to a 5770 Xfire @ around $340 for $170 a piece.

    I am leaning towards another 4850 for Xfire at $100 -- which should get me fairly good gaming performance at 1920x1080 with 4x AA and 8x AF.

    I am definitely curious on March 26 to see nVidia's Fermi in action. Give it another 3-5 months, they should have a range of competition for 5670 all the way to 5890. I believe the initial release is only challenging the fastest 58XX series.
  4. As long as you are getting a PSU that can handle it the best value for the money is definitely another HD4850. This one for $85 and free shipping is a great deal;
    Get it before the deal is gone.
  5. Since you already have one 4850, I would say just get another one to run in crossfire. Of course, if you're playing at 1080p you may need to lower the AA and AF in some games due to the 512MB frame buffer. As games consume more and more vmem that will become even more true, but two 4850s with 512MB should be allow you to hold out a bit longer.
  6. You should probably look to invest in a new mobo/cpu moreso than a new card, I can guarantee you're already heavily bottlenecked by the cpu, I had a athlonx2 4800 at 3ghz and games like l4d would always drop to low 20-30 fps(on high) even with newest drivers and heavily tweaked windows, I upgraded to a phenom II 955 and the difference was HUGE it could fully utilize the video card and even heavy gpu games like Crysis felt a very big boost.

    Edit:I somehow missed the second para, in any case if the extra 4850 works out cheaper I'd get another one of those, as far as I know the 5770 is like a 4870 performance which uses less power and in that case you'd get a fair chunk more frames with those duel 4850s

    I'm not good with vram usage but even at that high res I think you'll be fine providing you don't crank up AA and AF to max settings alongside res, plus the likes of AA is meant to be less noticeable the higher resolution you go anyway so that's another+for the 4850s in my books
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