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I've been looking to get a new HP laptop and on their site, they are offering a free upgrade to 8gb's of DDR3 memory. From what I've seen, it's not possible to have true triple channel performance with 8gb's, you would need either 6gb or 12gb. They offer also a 6gb triple channel and a 4gb triple channel. Would it be better to take the 6gb's because it is running in true triple channel or would the extra memory from the 8 offset the fact that it cant run in triple?

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  1. Usually you don't need or use more than 4G of RAM and dual vs triple channel makes no big difference. The most important laptop parts are the display, CPU, video card, HDD, etc not the RAM.

  2. it was a customizable one but i selected an I5-560m which runs as a quadcore. They offer though 4gb, 6gb and 8gb of ddr3 memory but i don't believe 4 and 8 can run in a triple set up because they arent multiples of 3
  3. Thanks =]
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