Suggest a pc for animation and gaming within 50000 INR

Hi guys,

Please help me to build a new pc for my friend for animation and gaming within 50000RS(INR).Can we build a core i7 pc with this budget?

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  1. why a core i7 pc? if u choose amd, u can buy for less than this and put in money where you really need it. hope that made sense. of course, u are to make the final decision based on many factors

    just an example with my config to give u an idea for gaming. i have not tested it with any graphics-intensive applications so i cannot comment on that front.

    pls note that i got this system in early jan. i still keep checking prices to see if i missed out on any drastic price cuts - and so, i can tell u that the prices have come down now

    INR 4100: amd athlon ii x3 - 435
    INR 5200: Gigabyte GA-MA 785 US2H
    INR 3800: kingston 4 GB (800 Mhz) ram
    INR 2460: WD Caviar Blue 512GB
    INR 2800?: A good UPS (i think APC brand)
    INR 8800 / 10500: ATI 5750/5770
    INR 7950: AOC F22 22-inch monitor (1920 x 1080)
    INR 1850: Case: Cooler Master Elite 310
    INR 0000: Recycled KB, mouse

    again these are all jan 2010 prices, and now in apr prices have come down noticably.

    one thing about the AOC F22 monitor, the view angle is a bit low - so if ur eyes are slightly below the monitor, the top of the monitor starts to look dark. it's not serious but something u have to watch out for. after all, 22-inch monitor at below 8k :-D - cant really complain

    hope i dint miss anything. as you can see, the cost is around 39k and it can a few latest games at ultra smooth fps at max settings at 1080p.

    i have to admit that MOH:PA, Serious Sam HD and Risen are the only newer games that i played....have yet to see if i get any lags in demanding games like crysis.

    I have not measured power but the heat output is very low...ok, not ice cool and all - but .. nothing to even bother about

    of course, graphics apps are also part ur need so i am not sure how well this system would play there. just for your info, there was a recent (apr 2010) article here in toms which shows how the latest mid-range (like intel i3, amd athlon ii, low end phenom ii) perform on par in games with the high i5 and the i7 CPUs.

    hope this drawn out reply helps in some way
  2. is amd good for animation?
  3. (have edited a couple of mistakes in the last section of my first reply)

    as i said, i am not aware of the graphics-applications prowess of my AMD system. if that is ur primary objective with ur comp, suggest u do more research. :-( i have not done any in this area. but for gaming, good to go

    as far as graphics applications, the cheapest (my wallet is tight hehe) intel that comes to mind is i3-530. which performs similar to the similar(?) priced athlon ii x4 630.


    these two CPUs trade blows - the i3 530 is INR600 more than the x4 630, and about INR 500 less than x4 635.

    u'll be best served if u do more research on the graphics-apps part. of course, i strongly recommend my config for gaming :-D
  4. hey man i also got my new syatem for 3d n gaming in dec..
    igot it for 50000rs ..
    my config was..
    core i5 process
    p-55 motherboard
    n250GTS nvidia 1 gb ddr3 graphics card
    4 gb ddr3 ram
    50 gb hd
    22" dell
    smps by cooler master..(500 o 600 va sumting)
    cooler master elite cabinet
    n microtek ups

    u can get core i7 by spendin 7 -8 thousands more on dis ting
    n can go for more high in graphics card bt i m not facin ne probs in dis one til date on workin 3ds maxx...or playin d latest games lyk bad company 2 or just cause 2...
  5. n ya m too doin animation
  6. I can suggest you goin with Intel® Workstation Board WX58BP specially designed for graphics job, gaming etc. with any of the following CPU's
    I7-950 , I7-940 , I7-930 , I7-920. The WX58BP has dual PCI Express* 2.0 x16 slots and fully supports ATI CrossFireX* Technology. This is an entry level workstation board, ideal for engineering, scientific, economic and digital content creation applications. For more information please visit:
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