Is it worth me installing this video card?

I have a 8400GS thats PCI. Its just sitting around and I was thinking about putting it in my main machine. My main machine consists of a nforce 750a motherboard (that I run vga and HDMI off of), Phenom 9500, 4GB ram, etc. From what I've researched so far, the 750a board pretty much is a 8400GS.

I'm curious 1) If I can use onboard HDMI and this seperate 8400GS at the same time, and 2) if I can, should I notice an improvement since I'd be sharing the load of video demand and such?
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  1. test it for a week.

    I actually just saw this article (from my MB manufacture) and it pretty much clears everything up. Luckily it just so happened to be a 8400GS laying around :bounce:
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