How do you name your computer?

I just thought this would be a fun topic. What kind of naming convention do you guys use when setting up different computers or other devices on your network? I named my first computer Gustav. When I got my next computer it became Ludwig. Sticking with the composers first name convention I named my laptop Johann. I even named our Wii Felix. So, do you do anything similar, or do you just do something practical like naming a computer after where it is located in the home?

Also, for those that gradually upgrade a system, when, if ever, do you give it a new name? I just replaced the motherboard and cpu of a system and plan on gradually transitioning it into an HTPC, including a new case. When, if ever, does Ludwig become Wolfgang?
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  1. Every device on my network has the name of a New Order song. (Unfortunately, most of the one-word titles come from the later albums. "Doubt Even Here" is an excellent song, but makes kind of a lousy device name.)

    Spooky (black Alienware laptop with weird alien-like ribbing)
    Chemical (the printer, though I guess that might be a bit off, since it's a laser printer)
  2. I name the computers for thier MoBos or intended useage. I know, pretty booring
  3. i name my main computer in my network after the people i admire. some of the names i used to use

    -sandi dragoo (teacher)
    -quynh (wife)
    -george bush(ex-pres)

    btw jk about the bush. hate the guy...made my stocks fail me horribly =(
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